Financial Monthly Newsletter

a multi-column responsive HTML newsletter template

Deployed: 2017
Platforms: desktop & mobile
Role: front-end dev
Tech: HTML Email
Two Column newsletter top half Two Column newsletter bottom half
Two-Column newsletter on mobile


A top-25 Fortune 500 financial institution

All content has been replaced due to privacy/disclosure, but the code base remains as was deployed.


Turn newsletter design mockup into a newsletter template to be reused each month with new content


Required high support for Windows Outlook, BlackBerry.

The design asked to have images swapped out between the desktop and mobile versions, but display properties are not widely supported across clients.


This email is a two-column newsletter-style email.

The accompanying images for the articles are swapped out for mobile-specific images when viewed on the phone. The display hide/show is achieved using !mso conditional comments in order to properly hide the mobile-specific images in Outlook.

The hero is a background image, with uses both CSS background properties and also Microsoft VML to ensure visibility in Outlook.

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